Seven Safety Features to Look for When Buying a Motorcycle

Bike manufacturers have made advanced safety features for contemporary motorcycles. Each of these features come with promising benefits. Knowing them helps you determine the right bike to buy. Whether you want to buy new or moto usagée a vendre, you want to be aware of the following safety features:

Anti-Lock Braking System

This bike feature prevents the wheels from locking during hard braking scenarios by adjusting brake-fluid pressure on the fly. By installing this system, riders can stop more quickly and the rate of crashes and fatalities for bikes equipped with it is lower than those without.

Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) System

An MSC system works by monitoring and measuring major motorcycle data like wheel speed, acceleration, lean angle, pitch angle, and braking pressure. This data lets the system recognise a critical situation in cornering and intervene, thus, preventing the wheels from locking under heavy braking. Also, it stops the wheels from spinning under acceleration and prevents the rear or front wheel from lifting. The MSC system can also distribute braking force between both wheels.

Radar Systems

These systems are designed to monitor blind spots for other vehicles and alert riders when it is safe to change lanes, Also, they warn riders when there is a danger of a rear collision, help control distance, and assist with braking. Some bike makers plan to introduce both forward-facing and rear radar systems to their models.

Airbag Technology

Airbags are standard safety features in four-wheel vehicles; however, now some bike models come with airbag technology. Bike airbags are often found behind the windscreen and designed to prevent injury in a head-on collision. Additionally, some gear manufacturers are considering adding airbags to helmets and motorcycle clothing.

Linked Braking System (LBS)

This system can be composed of a hydraulic proportioning valve connected to the front and rear braking systems. But, newer versions are integrated into the ABS systems. LBS distributes optimal braking force between the front and rear braking systems when a brake lever or pedal is engaged. This safety feature allows riders to use both brakes to their full potential, offering them greater confidence in navigating hazardous situations.

Anti-Theft Alarms

These bikes are designed to prevent motorcycles from being stolen. Although these features are nice, you must take your own precautions.

Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

This system uses the ABS sensors on a bike to identify how fast the wheels of a bike are spinning. The sensors can identify an event that may take place in a loss of traction because of a differential in wheel spin speed between the two wheels. Also, the unit may use the accelometre and gyroscopes to collect more data when taking corrective action.

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