What You Need to Know about Vape Coils

Vape coils have many names. These are also known as coils, atomizers, and atomizer heads. They all do the same function, and they are essential to the entire vaping experience. The coil is a component that can be found within an atomizer. The atomizer head is contained within the vape tank. It contains a coil of thin wire along with a wicking material. The atomizer is the one responsible for creating vapor.

What is a vape coil?

The coil of the atomizer is the thin wire which is wrapped in a coil. When the button is pressed, this sends power to the coil. This then converts that energy to heat. This is why the coils glow red sometimes once you press the button. It also vaporizes the e-liquid from the wicking material.

What do you mean by coil resistance?

Atomizer heads possess an electrical resistance value which is measured in ohms. The amount of electrical resistance depends on the ohm of the atomizer head. Atomizer heads are categorized into high resistance and low resistance.

What is the high-resistance coil?

This is an atomizer head that has a resistance which is above 1.0 ohm. In general, this is used at a lower power, and this is more suitable for a regular vapor production. It produces smaller vapor clouds. It makes use of less e-liquid, and is suitable for most e-cigarettes.

What is a low-resistance coil?

This is the atomizer head whose resistance is below 1.0 ohm. It is commonly known as sub-ohm. In general, this requires higher powers. It gives off larger clouds of vapor and makes use of more e-juices. This is not suitable for all e-cigarettes.

Why are there different coil wire types?

Most of the vape coil options are manufactured from kanthal or nichrome. However, vapers use various wire types. There are coils that are made of nickel, titanium, and stainless steel, yet they are much less popular. They are designed for temperature-controlled vaping and are not intended for all e-cigarettes.

What is the best coil to use?

This depends on the vaper. Some prefer to have an atomizer head that can last a long time and one that doesn’t make use of e-liquid the entire day or one that does not produce larger vapor clouds. Other vapers prefer having the capacity to exhale large clouds of vapor, and they are happy changing up the e-juice more frequently.

It’s a good move to experiment. You may try various resistances and find out what works best for you.

When is the best time to change the vape coil?

Most vapers have to change their vape coils between 1 to 5 weeks of usage. An estimated period of use is 2 weeks, but this depends on how heavy your usage is.

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