The Anatomy of shoe size for your kids

Properly fitting shoes are must-have for any baby. Your baby not only need shoes which look perfect on them but should be comfortable enough to be worn everywhere. These shoes do make a difference in the posture of your kid’s body and thus need to be chosen wisely. While some brands do keep in mind the health of kids some look directly toward show attractive the shoes could be.

Parents often also have a role in this. Many times, they get their kid a shoe bigger than what they should actually wear and hence get them in trouble. Such shoes are not suitable for children. While it destroys the posture, the worst it could lead to is that your baby may fall. While the feet of a newborn is growing, a poor shoe might restrict this growth. Invest in the right pair of baby boy boots for your kid.

When your child starts to explore the world around them, it is your responsibility to give them the best support. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while getting shoes for your kid.

Babies feet are soft and flexible. In the growing stage, they need shoes which supports this growth. In the first 24 months it needs high sensory inputs for full growth When you do need to put your baby in a shoe, a pair which is light and soft should be selected. You can even get sandals for baby boy which will look cool on them.

What happens if shoes don’t fit?

Many times, you might get a shoe for your kid which isn’t a perfect fit. There can be significant side effects of a no fir from bruises, blisters to irritation on the sides. As the child’s feet are continuously under development, an improper fit may lead to long term damage of feet. Side effects can be a pain, inflammation in feet, shortening of foot muscles and much more. It is the exact reason why finding the right fit is essential.

Knowing the size

Make sure that you know the number of your current shoe. Their feet grow quick. Keep a check on their foot size if you are going for shopping alone or are ordering shoes online. You should measure their feet every 2 months to avoid putting shoes which are too big or small.

What to check

You need to check the width of the shoes to make sure they are the right fit. Also, the right depth and length will make sure than the ankle and the toes get proper space.

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