Q Timex Reissue Falcon Eye-A Watch to Remember!

Style servant, regular student, or a rugged sportsman – you can actually tell a lot about a man by the watch he wears. No matter which niche you fit into, your pick tends to make a certain lifestyle statement. However, if the insane lines to buy smartwatches have taught us anything, it’s that sometimes buying new can get really old. Here’s the fix: go vintage!

With that being said, Timex is no stranger to some of the most phenomenal vintage releases, in addition to producing brand-new watches inspired by vintage models. When the quartz movement technology began in the late 1970s, it started to hit its stride on a massive scale. However, with the advent of smartwatch technology products, watch enthusiasts as well as general consumers have ever since been asking for better, technologically enhanced versions of watches from the last 40 years or so.

As the name suggests, the Falcon Eye falls into the Q line, where Q stands for ‘quartz. It comes with a striated electric-blue dial, which is slightly more opulent than the matte blue of the previous Q. This jazzy blue dial is just the perfect amounts of aesthetics as well as legibility despite the various polishes, textures, and hues, making it quite easy to read. The case design comes with a more in line, funky and adventurous vibe of the late ’70s and still has a ton of angles, with the top and the bottom of the case extending further north and south, creating an elongated appearance, unlike the original one.

With its stylish blue dial, woven stainless-steel bracelet and sporty-yet-refined wrist presence, the watch has an extremely neat face that stands in contrast with the hour markers of the piece. An incredible assortment of complementary colours, luminescent paint and just enough pizazz to command attention, the Timex Falcon Eye sports quite an exquisite design. Whether you’re looking for wrist watches online for yourself or as a gift, this is just the right pick for you!

With two-tone watches always being on the verge of making a groundbreaking comeback, the slim gold bezel, and crown add a vintage touch to the Falcon Eye. With a bracelet that is just in tune with what Timex calls a ‘woven’ style, the watch is quite thin but, given the lightness of the product itself, it is extremely comfortable to wear, moulding almost perfectly onto the wrist.

Timex has also retained some of the best elements from their original Q Timex line, such as a functional battery hatch and of course, the retro case shape. Updating the internal components and functionalities for an entirely new generation, The Falcon Eye by Timex is packed with the soul and style you desire, while also delivering the efficiency you need.

A combination of the best hues and styles, the Q Timex Reissue Falcon Eye is not only a watch that is handsome, but also historically aesthetic, and comes with an even better bottom-line: No matter what direction your sense of style leans towards, this is certainly going to be ‘a watch to remember‘!

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