Communion Dresses

The communion dress is a traditional attire designed to be worn by those partaking in the Christian communion ritual. The outfit is usually made of simple white garments or robes. The practice is a public declaration made by people who have been baptized in the Christian faith. The individuals promise to follow the particular religion forever. With the ritual practices varying from denomination to the other, the dress remains the same.

In today’s society, churches instruct the participants to wear gender-neutral clothes that are identical. Participants often wear simple white garments that are made in modern fashions. However, there are considerations made before choosing an ideal communion dress. This article will discuss these crucial factors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Communion Dress

Dress Preferences

The outfits are usually white to indicate purity. For girls, the dress should be at calf length and be as ornate as preferred by the church and its entire community.


A white veil may look great when worn with a white dress. The impression can be further enhanced by topping the hair with accessories like a small tiara depending on the parish’s preferences. Some parishes will allow the participants to wear a white barrette, floral crown, ribbon, or a headband. The girls may even wear white dress shoes, stockings, white hose, and knee socks.

What to Avoid

Some dressmakers sell dresses for the communion ritual. Most parishes do not tolerate sleeveless dresses or wearing makeups on this day. Some churches allow the wearing of gloves while others do not.

When to Purchase the Communion Dress

Buying the outfit a little bit earlier is much essential. The following reasons will push you to purchase the communion dress just before the ceremony’s eve arrives.

–         Find a perfect dress; If you are looking for an ideal communion dress, the earlier you buy it, the better the choice. There are numerous styles each season which become more limited as the next season approaches.

–         Purchase within your budget; Less costly communion dresses are finished quickly from the stores. If you have a low budget, purchasing earlier will give you a superb choice.

–         Give yourself time; When purchasing the dress online, it is better to place the order a month before the Communion. Early shopping will give you enough time to make any necessary alterations.

–         Give the participant some time with the dress. The outfit will be more comfortable to wear if the owner takes some time to familiarize themself with it.

–         Examine the dress; A early purchase will allow you to have time for adjusting the dress if the dress is too long or snugly. Some fabrics are uncomfortable as they cause skin itching and rashes.

–         Choose the appropriate accessories; Simple accessories are the best to integrate with a Communion dress. A lovely necklace will add to the perfection of the participant’s touch. Some denominations insist on a veil headpiece, while others require a jacket or bolero with a sleeveless dress. Early purchase gives you time to explore these endless accessories possibilities.


The above tips will assist you in choosing the perfect Communion outfit. Parents and guests attending to witness the ceremony are not obligated to wear the same clothes as the participants. However, since this is a Holy event, they should try to look as neat as possible. Strapless and short dresses should be highly avoided.

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