Promise Rings: All You Need to Know

Commitment in a relationship is a tricky concept. Even worse, there are several interpretations and implications to this concept.

Luckily, the jewelry that symbolizes commitments isn’t hard to define. And yes, we don’t mean the engagement ring or the wedding right, we are talking about their sleeker, breezier, younger cousin- promise rings.

What is a Promise Ring?

It is a pre-engagement ring. In most cases, it is given to a person you’ve been dating for six months to one year. It corroborates the fact that a relationship is headed to the next stage, like a formal engagement, a live-in engagement, or even marriage.

Giving a promise ring is synonymous with making your relationship official without the rituals and bonhomie of a traditional engagement. It’s worth noting that a promise ring is not the same as setting things in a stone. Couples who give promise rings don’t necessarily end up getting married. Some part ways before consecrating their union to a lifelong commitment.

Can a Woman Give Promise Rings?

Yes! A woman can give a man a promise ring. In most cases, a woman gives the promise ring to a man whereas the man gives an engagement ring. Maybe you’re wondering, what are promise rings for men and can you get one for your lover?

Yes, you can! Jewelry has been around for years. Other than being an aesthetic adornment it is also a form of human expressions like music, writing, painting, or other forms of art. For every commitment, there is a jewelry piece to match, a promise ring is one such piece of jewelry.

What Finger Should One Wear a Promise Ring?

Which finger – or even hand you wear the promise ring is dependent on you. Yes, you can wear the promise ring on any finger. Some people wear rings around their neck.

In most cases, people who are not married wear the promise ring on the ring finger. For those who are married, they wear it on the right hand.

But why do most people wear the ring on their left hand? Well, the tradition comes from an ancient superstition that veins run directly from that finger to the heart.

What’s The Ideal Style for Promise Rings?

The implications of promise rings vary from one couple to the other. But that’s not all, they also differ widely by design, material, and style.

When dealing with a promise ring, anything goes. You can choose a readymade design or customize one depending on the individual taste and preferences. And yes, there are promise rings that suit every taste.

Promise rings are made of precious metals like gold, palladium, silver, or platinum. Alternative metals are also growing in popularity; the list is also growing to include cobalt chrome, tungsten carbide, stainless steel, titanium, among others.

The ideal style for promise rings should be made entirely on comfort, preference, and quality of the material.


Promise rings are growing in popularity by the day. And yes, you can give a promise ring for a variety of reasons that symbolize a promise.

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