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Fuller, Thicker, and Longer Eyelashes: What’s The Trick?

What’s in your beauty regimen? Your tools and products help you spot that look to step out confidently. Among the areas that many struggles to perfect or come close to are the eyelashes. More are realizing the hidden gem that is eyelash curlers and gel. The best eyelash curl gel can easily transform your floppy lashes into a longer, fuller and thicker look and offer lasting results. If you’ve been struggling to achieve big and lifted lashes, the gel could be all you are missing in your collection.

Why do eyelashes curl?

You have the mascara; why would you need to buy the gel? The best gel features a unique formula designed to set and hold your curl in place. This is without additional weight that can pull the lashes. You’ll realize a curl and shine that dramatically transforms your eye game. Here is the best part; you can use the gel with other products, including your favorite mascara. So, how do you buy the best eyelash curl?

Consider application

Your makeup routine is demanding enough. The last thing you want is to spend more time following a complex application and removal procedure. The best eyelash curl is easy to apply, with or without other products. The removal process should be seamless, making your quest to supercharge the eyelash game more productive.


While you don’t necessarily have to understand the formula, it is essential to look beyond the shine. You might invest in a gel that provides an irresistible condition and shine but dries the lashes. If the lashes flake or dry, you’ll hardly keep them in shape, not to mention that you could lose more and spot gaps. Some ingredients could also irritate, making the experience a nightmare.


Your shopping efforts can get a boost from other consumers’ input. Check out user reviews and testimonials before making the final pick. You’ll learn more about the gel, such as if the results are satisfactory, the ease of use, potential problems, and even hacks to get the most out of the eyelash curl. You could also get negative feedback; direct your search elsewhere if you spot consistent complaints, like irritation, lashes drying, or application hassles.

The gel plays a significant role as you strive to perfect the curls, but so does the curler. Eyelash curler can make your application process a joy or a painful experience you’ll hardly look forward to. This emphasizes the need to pay as much attention when shopping. Among the pointers to help you choose the best eyelashes curler includes:

The lashes

Your lashes are unique, and what works for your friend might not deliver close to your expectations. If you have longer lids, selecting a tool that works for smaller eyes won’t deliver the best results. Considering your eye shape, size, and lash length counts as you pick the best eyelash curler. This ensures you pick a long enough clamp that curves along the lash line without missing a curl, delivering better results.


Metal or plastic; each has its pros and cons. For instance, metal offers a more studier solution, facilitating a firmer press without worrying about breaking the curler. Nonetheless, your skin and eyes might experience an allergic reaction from the metal, meaning you would be better off with plastic, though you may have to replace it more often.


Eyelash curlers don’t cost a fortune. Nonetheless, your budget shouldn’t take the backseat. Those few bucks can quickly accumulate, seeing you spending more that could be used elsewhere. This is if you keep buying one tool after the next, either because they are faulty or don’t easily break. Pick a reliable and reputable brand offering competitive rates and an extensive warranty. Some brands offer a lifetime guarantee and even offer replacements for rubber inserts. With such friendly terms, you’ll save more money in the long run, helping you to keep your beauty regimen going.

You have the perfect gel and tool, but how do you use them to transform the eyelashes? For starters, don’t believe those fads that curlers can rip the lashes out or that short lashes aren’t ideal for curl. As you strive to improve the results, follow tips including:

  • Keep the lashes and curler clean
  • Curl before mascara application
  • Don’t pull
  • Slightly heat the curler
  • Curl from the root
  • Dry properly

As the DIY beauty measures continue to hit new highs, your quests can benefit more from learning the best products and tools to include in your regimen. With the best eyelash curl, you can dramatically transform your eye game and improve your confidence with striking looks.

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